Talented Friends
Debbie Vinograd: acrylic paintings--still lifes, portraits, surrealism and more
Tom Tuthill: humorous surrealist collages

Julia Vinograd: poetry of Berkeley and the world
Worthwhile Organizations
Elderflower Womenspirit Festival: Joyful Pagan women's gathering in the forest just inland from Mendocino, 5 days in mid-August.

Lindsay Wildlife Museum: Rehabilitates injured native animals and educates the public about nature. In Walnut Creek. I told stories there for about ten years

Wildcare/Terwilliger Nature Education Center: Also combines animal rehabilitation and public education. In San Rafael. I was a nature guide there for 14 years, working under Elizabeth Terwilliger, everyone's beloved "Mrs.T."

Guild for Psychological Studies: Gives seminars related to Jungian psychology, myth and archetype, and spirituality at various sites in the Bay Area.
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