Free Photos!
As thanks to the world for having so much lovely stuff in it, and to the owners and contributors to image banks such as Morguefile, Pixabay, and LostandTaken, which make photos available for free to other artists, I am following their example and posting about 2100 of my best photos for other artists to use as they wish, including use in art works for sale. They include textures, nature closeups (flowers etc.), fractals and other computer-generated designs, and more. As of March 2017, you can see and download all of them on Flickr at, and I have put many on another site called Morguefile and some on one called Skitterphoto as well; you can see my Morguefile profile and collection at (they may ask you to "sign up," but it's free, and they don't send you ads or anything) and my Skitterphoto one at On Flickr the photos are in 19 albums, by topic as shown below (many pictures are in more than one album); on Morguefile and Skitterphoto you can find them by keywords.

Abstracts and Backgrounds

Apophysis Flame Fractals


Artistic Photos and Backgrounds

Computer-Generated Designs

Decorative Textures

Grunge Textures

Kaleidoscope Designs


Miscellaneous Photos: Representational

Miscellaneous Photos: Objects and Designs



Glamorous Flowers

Miscellaneous Flowers

Plant Textures and Closeups

Plants (Except Flowers)

Rock Textures

Scenes and Skies

Water Textures